Therapy :: Mr Sparkle + Cool Hand Luke

Tonight we reunite old friends and house music heavy hitters Mr Sparkles + Cool Hand Luke, both returning to Therapy to revisit previous hedonism and show off current projects as we trip through deep, house, funk, disco, and soul through to the pair’s more recent influences.

Mr Sparkles

One of Brisbane’s hardest working party starters, engineering all manner of social interaction in rooms big and small, Mr Sparkles seeks to create convivial atmosphere through funky, soulful goodness and big beats to tease out big smiles and sweaty dancefloors.

Taking on any party situation, Sparkles backs himself with a lifetime of interaction with music, calling on influences including his music teach mother, and early years soul immersion, roller skate disco, through to the more danceable Manchester sounds, acid jazz, and hip hop. All the while incubating an interest in emerging rave, house and club sounds. This wide ranging background served to create an adaptable DJ adept in any party situation.

For ten years now, Sparkles has been a mainstay in the city’s club rotation, taking on The Met, Uber, Press Club, GPO, Main Squeeze, Wickham, Monastery, Jorge amongst many others in recent times. So you see, this is one busy cat. Most notably though Sparkles and Luke’s longterm Saturday residency in Family’s Lounge was one of the closest knit gatherings in the city, with many party people returning week in week out to be firmly funked and grooved by Sparkles deft hands.

It isn’t enough though to just have a full diary at night, and so when the warmer months arrive he fills his days too with outings such as Summerfieldayze, BBQ Breaks, Future Music, Parklife and the like. Under various guises, including his Mr Men live collective, and various collaborations with instrumentalists, Mr Sparkles is an unstoppable party force bent on shenanigans.

Diving down into the underground and Sparkles makes his mark there too. Generously supporting many independent clubs pushing the envelope around town including longterm support for the Sundae escapades and throwing down for us at Therapy very early in the picture. His solid soulful funky deep house, precision on the 1s and 2s, and consideration for the dancefloor is a perfect potion for chilling and illing the club as we head into the later hours.

Cool Hand Luke

A lifetime appreciation and deep involvement with all aspects of music, through blues guitar to audio production, to the cutting edge of the modern day house sound, Cool Hand Luke is an experienced selector with a distinct sound sensibility and a talent for social atmospherics.

Over a decade of intense club experience, through highly regarded long term residencies including Press Club, Alhambra, and his almost decade long Sunday session at The Powerhouse complex’ Watt Restaurant by New Farm Park, have shown Cool Hand Luke to be a knowledgeable and individual mood setter and record collector. Nowhere is his versatility and refined selection more apparent than his involvement with the heavy duty Family outfit. For many years the mainstay of the Lounge’s lofty, low tempo disco output with fellow funk and erotic boogie compadre Mr Sparkle. Not enough to hold fort at the bump and grind end of the house spectrum, Luke occasionally finds the Mainroom a suitable outlet for a cheeky take on the big room sound, and more recently, further explorations of the jacking and funky tech house sound have led him on more frequent and twisted excursions in the club’s infamous Uncle room.

Luke’s involvement in the Brisbane club layout extends further, into the development of the local deep house sound at the grassroots level. Through his guidance in the development of the highly organized Sundae party elite, and collaborations with us here at Therapy. All of this in between appointments to set up international A-list Djs JayJ, Robert Owens, Miguel Migs, King Britt, John Larner, Joey Negro, Brett Johnson, and the like.

Luke first hit up Therapy back in our first year, and has been a consistent player, bringing quality bumpy, jacking tech house vibes to the later sessions, baking and shaking the club well into the early hours. This week sees him return relaxed and rejuvenated after a meander through Europe, stepping fairly much straight from the plane to the club, so we have the best opportunity to catch a glimpse of the worldly inspirations he has smuggled home with him, and put him straight to work.

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