Therapy :: Fergus Alexander + Yokoo

Heading into the outer atmospheres this week, we have found two supreme space travelers to lead our Therapy session. First to strap in is our navigator Yokoo, setting course for a landing far off in the distant stars. Our captain for this evening: Logic’s galaxy weaving Fergus Alexander. T minus…

[ Plusminus / Fanfare ] ::

Yokoo is a relatively new face in Brisbane’s clubs, though not without experience and a bag full of top shelf deep techno. Productions as well complete the picture, also making good use of an intelligent ear for tonal and tribal deep tech. His sound is evidently a recreation of his deeply spiritual relationship with technology and music.

Recent releases from PlusMinus, Fanfare, and attracting further label attention from the Euro set; Yokoo’s prolific and original output has become many a Brisbane DJ’s secret weapon. Originally hailing from Strasbourg, France, Yokoo has made good use of the short time he has been in Australia, hitting up both Family and The Met in Brisbane, Platinum on the Coast, Spice and Favela in Sydney. He also translates to the festival crowd, chosen to set up rooms at the recent Armin van Buuren event, and Global Gathering.

Yokoo brings a sonic moody take to the club, and has quickly become a Therapy favourite. Returning to set up tonight, his hypnotic thump a sure way to shake away the aches and pains of the working week.

Fergus Alexander
[ Logic ] ::

Settling into the control console this evening, Fergus Alexander guides our session with the innovative direction and experienced flair he has come to be known for.

His ability to mould dancefloors into sweating tangles of flesh have seen him called upon regularly by the city’s underground set, finding him on rotation at Empire, Uncle at Family and The Sunday Roast. However, it is his collaboration with fellow cronies BPM and Mike Redfern, and their tightly organized Logic club, where he has done the most damage. Cooperating to bring to Brisbane Joris Voorn, Gui Boratto, Phonique, Deepchild, and Tigerskin in recent times, Fergus has had to balance dual roles of industry influencer, and dancefloor destroyer.

A deeply personal DJ, he seeks quality music far and wide, to bring only the finest deep, rhythmic, bumping and emotive cuts to the club, using his selections as tools to create an intimate and physical relationship between dancer and DJ. Taking the lead at Therapy for the first time tonight, Fergus brings a wealth of experience, a selection of innovative, deep, club heaving house and techno, and a spasm inducing hands on approach to the mix.

Launching from 5pm with downtempo stargazers Adam Swain and Dan Abbott; Fergus Alexander and Yokoo lead our mission this evening with support from deep, bumping and progressive astronauts, Gemma, Shannon L Marshall and Adrian Matyear. Therapy heads for the stars Friday 15th May.

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