Therapy :: Nathan Mclay [SYD] + Steve Tamsitt

Therapy supports house music at the frontline, and although we have all grown up with technology, and people are finding it easier than ever to collect their music in blu-ways, laser rays and mental telepathy or whatever it is the kids are up to nowadays, we of course prefer the big flat discs that make clubs wobble. So this week we feature two cats at each end of the format spectrum, label manager with fingers in both digital and wax pies, Nathan McLay, and upfront vinyl pusher, Steve Tamsitt.

Steve Tamsitt
[ Lektrolux ] ::

First arriving in Brisbane in the early years of the new millennium, Steve Tamsitt landed like the Y2K bug should have. Quickly drawing significant attention to a strange new electro tinged sound, Tamsitt and fellow southerner Brendan King set about rewriting the Brisbane club fraternity’s operating system through their energetic and individual outfit Lektrolux.

Influencing an up and coming generation of clubbers by way of a distinctly different house sound, Tamsitt dropped a musical bomb in the middle of the club district, and was adept enough to have already moved on before the fallout occurred. He’d developed the initial stages of the redesigned electro movement, though taken the less obvious route through intelligent disco and techno to remain on point.

Taking on another influential role, Steve began ordering and manning the counter at local record retailer Butter Beats, again engaging and educating young DJs as they seek new and interesting sounds the traditional way: hunched over musty smelling boxes of vinyl.

Steve’s voracious appetite for interesting cuts, old or new, found an outlet at Main Squeeze, Empire Hotel, Uncle at Family, Alhambra, Elsewhere, and Berlin, in amongst numerous festival engagements and international setups. Down here at Barsoma, Steve has involved himself in heady showings for Subtrakt and Future Classic, in particular recently closing out for Jazzanova. Now stepping up for his first Therapy session, Tamsitt brings a myriad of input influences, creative selection, and crafty fader control in pursuit of an individual and intense sound system response.

Nathan McLay
[ SYDNEY / Future Classic ] ::

Returning to Barsoma for an encore performance following his guidance of the hugely successful Becks’ Berlin Sessions Tour is Future Classic fat cat, Nathan McLay. Operating out of Sydney, Nathan has kept careful watch over an innovative and fresh roster of artists, with a prolific and high quality output. Future Classic have proudly involved themselves in the emerging digital culture, whilst remaining one of the few Australian labels to press their work to 12”.

Nathan is fortunate to oversee the development of young electronic artists in Australia, concurrently maintaining healthy relationships with his overseas counterparts. The overall result is a steady stream of high quality productions in and out of the country.

Side projects promoting the label by way of refined and respected Sydney club night, regular international tour involvement and the subsequent growth of their operation found McLay in Brisbane making friends with likeminded music freaks at Barsoma. High quality, raised heartrate parties followed and a number of memorable tours including Jimi Polar, Jamie Lloyd, Peret Mako, Jazzanova, and the recent Berlin Sessions tours have all rolled through the club.

Joining Therapy for the first time, Nathan gives us an insight into what is shaking in the reverent corners of house music. With an enviable record collection, and one of the most in demand cd wallets in the country, McLay trades like a musical merchant. A signature sound honed over many, many hours in funky speaker sets all around Sydney, and mixer operation sliding between NASAesque timing and fiendish creative abandon we are in for a real treat tonight as McLay lays out a deep and engaging Therapy session.

Alongside Steve Tamsitt and Nathan McLay tonight are earlybird partystarters Adam Swain and Dan Abbott, fresh from a well received performance at their Subtrakt long weekender. Shannon L Marshall sets things in motion with a deep, boogie tech house arrangement and Adrian Matyear takes proceedings into the morning with dub flavoured tribal deep. Therapy puts you back together this Friday 8th May.

*Special note ::

All up and coming youngsters, Therapists, DJs, appreciators, collectors, friends and fiends should note, Steve Tamsitt will be back at Barsoma this Sunday 10th May from 8am – 4pm to oversee our wicked Butter Beats Record Fair. The bar will be open, bbq cookin, DJs spinning antique collectible cuts and the best bit: over 15,000 records, all $2! Get stimulated.

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