Therapy :: Disco Technique with Subtrakt

Subtrakt and Therapy met in a lane at the shady end of the city:

much dancing, feasting, chillin an illin ensued..

Subtrakt and Therapy share the building tonight for a sneaky soiree powered by Brisbane’s dopest and deepest, a white hot collective back catalogue to make trainspotters shudder, and a significant home court advantage.

With a respectful nod to previous generations of Australians who traveled before us, we will be closing at Midnight, though as we do every Friday we will be providing a suitable solution to the ‘gettin my weekend on’ conundrum with a primal and soulful introspective trip through bumpy house and disco techno.


Widely regarded for their passion and energy, the Down Periscope divers Adam Swain and Dan Abbott have taken the helm at Subtrakt, Sundae and Uncle, sorting parties out properly with intelligent and tribal deep house.

However, it is their low tempo street style that is attracting attention – their early escape residency at Barsoma spilling nudisco, trip hop and deep idm all over the little urban bunker party that is our club, defines the direction of our Friday parties.

Swain and Abbott set the pace for the evening and provide a refreshing finale to the week for work weary bodies, hungry travelers settling in for dinner, and introducing our early dancers to the floor.


Taking control of the early setup this evening is the man with the deep plan in Brisbane. With eyes on every major darkened room with a sound system in the city, and ears only for the freshest, creative and driven deep house and techno, Rikki is the guiding force behind our Subtrakt events in between engagements in Uncle and Moonbar.

His individual spin on the deep house angle generally results in sweaty and primal dancefloor activity though he keeps it to a slow burn this evening as we approach the more atmospheric shades of house, techno and disco in true windy city fashion.


Bringing to the party a rejuvenating bag of spaced out bumpy chi house and deep tech, Adrian takes to the support duties tonight with the usual instinctive motivation. The point man for our Therapy outfit, he has been busy taking on any party big or small, regularly working over bodies in Uncle, Press Club, Sundae and Cloudland.

Generous selection and dedication to the dancefloor, a nasty wax habit, and ninjaesque technical proficiency are a potent combination, though careful and controlled tonight to hustle and navigate the deep space of bumping, grinding and soulful underground house.


A house music journeyman with insightful selection and credentials to back his play, Lorne Easton takes the late session this evening as we travel further on our smoky, jazzy, soulful tech house excursion.

A dedicated music collector, with a lethal instrumental background and crack academic coverage of the console controls, Lorne runs under multiple guises of tight house DJ, skilled instrumentalist, and talented and motivated producer.

Tidy displays in Press Club, Alhambra, Sundae and Uncle have highlighted his original perspective on the club sound. Running the deep house and intelligent tech line, Lorne brings the full skill set and a significant stash of premium dancefloor tools.

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