Therapy :: Delicious

From the very beginning, Therapy has supported young, passionate DJs on the frontline, and this week is no different as we showcase Brisbane’s funky underground house new guard, Delicious.


A long term head, with guest fingers in many legendary local pies, including Press Club, Jamieson’s, Birdee Num Num, The Tube, Empire and Gerties, Brooklyn has shown a dedication to the house sound from way back in ’91. With a depth of experience pushing deep, jazzy and soulful house, and minor excursions into more boompty, tribal shades, Brooklyn eases into our evening with a fun and funky deep house jack to get things rolling.


A relatively new face in Brisbane, though not without inspiration and a defined techy soulful house angle, Andrew has set about displaying tidy mixing and generous mood setting capabilities at Chalk, Kaliber, Empire and the like. With an individual take on the club sound Andrew sets about controlling the set up with energetic zeal, though carefully applied through refined selection and dancer respect.


First appearing at Therapy back in 2007, Real returns from Sydney, and guest appearances at Monkey Tennis and Ground Under, to take up residency at Delicious, amongst spots at Fringe Bar, Chalk and his recently acclaimed boat party. With a more funky, jacking edge to the deep style, Real displays passion and dedication to the sound with knowledgeable selection and tight console control.


Coming in at the bumpy end of the spectrum, Jacob delivers a more energetic side of the jacking deep sound with a tech house edge. Recent displays at Kaliber, Planet, and Samsara’s Saturday Sessions have served to extend his adaptability to different dancefloors. With imaginative mixing and genuine energy, Jacob rounds out the Delicious incursion into Therapy for the evening.

The early setup comes from Adam Swain, and Dan Abbott, freshly returned from Miami, and ready to lay it out in the room in supreme deep, disco downbeat style, and Shannon L Marshall and Adrian Matyear complete the Therapist support. An evening of pure, proper and deep house of all shades is in store. Have your sneakers primed and ready for Therapy this Friday 17th April.

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