Therapy :: Femmes

The boys have been kicked off the decks this week for one special evening of deep, jacking tech and minimal house, with the femine touch of Brisbane’s finest lady selectors:

CHANTAL jumps in with a new affection and eagerness for house music. Bringing a funky jack, with disco roots, Chantal has been quietly plugging away at Press Club, Belgian Cafe and Sundae, and a couple of cracks at Therapy under her belt, admirably ripping it up. Always excited to drop bombs at Therapy, Chantal restrains herself this evening to set the room up in fine style for the ladies to follow.

GEMMA Joined us as a resident after stints at GPO, Monastery and The Met, and began unleashing jacking tech house shakers on Therapy. Gemma brings a dark and solid progressive idea to Therapy, allowing her tracks to unfold as symphonies on our floor. Gemma has both experience and dope tracks in spades, with the mixing skills to ignite this little powderkeg at peaktime.

NAT MONAGHAN is the unassuming dark princess of Brisbane’s tougher styles, bringing a progressive and deep tech house sound to Drop, Sunday Roast, Uncle at Family and has been resident Therapist for a little while now. Displaying knowledgeable mood setting and mixing skills, Nat is only just beginning, and the future for her it seems, involves big rooms, and putting said rooms into disarray.

JAIME FORSON is a young lady on the verge, developing a minimal, prog and funky tech house sound and dabbling in production over the past two years. Finally taking a crack at some dancefloors at Alhambra and Delicious’ recent boat cruise, 2009 is sure to be the launch pad that sets Jaime in the minds of in-the-know clubbers. As with all new Therapists, Jaime arrives with a grin from ear to ear and a bag of audio hotness chosen exclusively for this session.

These ladies are no L-platers. Bodies can expect to get jacked, teched and flipped deep as Brisbane’s dancefloor femmes rip up Therapy this Friday 10th April.

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