Therapy :: Nick T + Brian Damms

Nick T represents the younger set in the crew of the devoted few. Not enough to just bring a solid intelligent bag of house, tech and minimal to the decks, Nick is at the forefront importing artists and promoting the sound to the in-the-know collective through his Samsara outfit, operating out of Monastery, Birdee Num Num’s and the Empire Ladies’ bathroom.

Production is his focus though, settling into the glitch tech sound and overseeing local production and label projects, and developing his mastering credentials. A motivated involvement in the local electronic scene sees him positioned as a solid force ready to face future generations of clubbers and electronic music lovers.

Brian Damms comes to us this week with bags of issues. Thousands of hours behind the decks, playing to packed clubs have left him in need of some time on the couch. Sit down Brian, you’d better start from the beginning..

Brian is another of Brisbane’s British imports, smuggling in with him a dark tech house flavour that is amply suitable for long overnight journeys, with the destination far off in the early hours of the following morning. Uncle at Family, Sundae, Empire’s Middle Bar, Subtrakt have all had the Brian Damms workover, expertly shaken with innovative track selection and tight mixer control, honed over many years doing the nightshift.

Nick T and Brian Damms lead tonight’s Therapy focusing the tech house sound from the perspective of the up-and-comer, and experienced selector respectively. Therapist support from Chris Peart, Shannon L Marshall, Fergus Alexander, Mike Redfern and Adrian Matyear round out the picture for your Therapy this Friday 3 April.

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