Therapy :: Yokoo

Yokoo is a relatively new face in Brisbane’s clubs, though not without experience and a bag full of top shelf deep techno. Productions as well complete the picture, also making good use of an intelligent ear for tonal and tribal deep tech. His sound is evidently a recreation of his deeply spiritual relationship with technology and music.

Recent releases from PlusMinus, Fanfare, and attracting further label attention from the Euro set, Yokoo’s prolific and original output has become many a Brisbane Dj’s secret weapon.

Originally hailing from Strasbourg, France, Yokoo has made good use of the short time he has been in Australia, hitting up both Family and The Met in Brisbane, Platinum on the Coast, and Spice in Sydney. He also translates to the festival crowd, chosen to set up rooms at the recent Armin van Buuren event, and Global Gathering.

Yokoo brings a sonic moody take on Therapy, his hypnotic thump a sure start to shake away the aches and pains of the working week.

Alongside Yokoo this evening are Logic mainstays Fergus Alexander and Mike Redfern opening the club up with a lowdown sonic massage of the disco and downbeat kind, and regular Therapists Gemma, Shannon L Marshall, Nat Monaghan and Adrian Matyear unleash the jacking deep and tech house artillery late into the evening. Join us for Therapy this Friday 27th March.

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