Therapy :: New Zealand Special

For so long has the kiwi influence infiltrated Therapy via some impressive imports into Brisbane in Gemma, Shannon L Marshall and this week’s return Therapist Jeremy Broughton that we’ve swung the spotlight onto them for a look into the deep, dark spacy end of tech house, spawned from origins on the island on the other side of that big ole lake over there..


Only relatively recently did Jeremy make the dash, and he’s been busy ever since he touched down in this fair city. He regularly puts the crunchy tech house heave ho into the Mainroom at Family, and repeat visits to Therapy have rewarded patients with mad fits of muscle spasms and all sorts of incoherent hootin and hollerin.


Shannon is Therapy’s long serving mind and behind controller, regularly shaking out the club with a slick and hypnotic bumpy tech beat honed over many years on the nightshift on floors such as Family’s Uncle and Mainroom, and Empire’s Middle Bar.


Gemma delivers the evening’s progressive thinking and low slung reality checking rehabilitation through mind-jacking tech-niques developed over thousands of hours connected from ear-to-mixer at Monastery, GPO and The Met. Gemma has repeatedly shown her methods to be highly effective in the treatment and relief of dancefloors.

Alongside the kiwi upstarts we find new Therapists ADAM SWAIN + DAN ABBOT opening the room up in nutechdisco spaceman style, and ADRIAN MATYEAR preparing the floor for Therapy’s Kiwi tech house mental excursion to follow.

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