Therapy :: Brett J

Therapy has long been about combining dual interests of psychiatry and pulling shapes, for a positive outcome, under the guise of late night musical excursions in darkened rooms. To explore theories behind mischief and dancefloor yoga this week we’ve found an adept and considerate DJ with a cheeky streak to lead our session.

Brett J has for many years been the puppeteer behind GPO throwing down crunchy, driving house on a weekly basis. Recent sojourns south have also seen him gain a foothold in Sydney through well received representations at Moulin Rouge, Home and Candy’s Apartment.

Walking the epic distance of all the way around the block, Brett joins us though to head down, not around, returning to the underground, to deliver big room sensibility, and deep chugging audio in the pimping sneaker club that is Barsoma.

Therapists Shannon L Marshall, Nat Monaghan, Gemma and Adrian Matyear will also be conducting sessions so bring all your issues, workaday worries, regrets and aching muscles, and unload it as Brett J shakes Therapy this Friday 28th November.

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