Therapy :: Shonky [Berlin]

This week Therapy sets out the sofa for a special session from German practitioner of the art, Shonky.
Learning the way of the walk in inner Europe, Shonky developed his sound through solid rotations in iconic French and German discotheques, laying out the foundations for a mild mannered, adaptable, DJ weapon-for-hire with efficient and significant dancefloor results.

Releases on labels Mobilee, Crosstown Rebels, Resopal, and Substatic followed from his outstanding debut on Freak ‘n Chic as Shonky set about throwing his weight around on the production front, adding to an already rich arsenal of splendid mixer control, and a penchant for sonic, wall-warping tech selections.

Shonky arrives at Therapy on a massive worldwide field trip taking him across all points from Tokyo to Toulouse, Mexico City to Manchester. You get the picture, Shonky’s well traveled. It seems bumpy tech house is a universal remedy. And our patients could use a solid dose.

So, you’ve made it to the end of the week, survived the grind unscathed with a cheeky grin. Now set your weekend on the right course with a Therapy session. Check in, tune in, download, unload, with some dancefloor chiropractics and intimacy engineering provided by our resident DJs.

Chris Peart and Shannon L Marshall will lay out the hypnosis early, and Adrian Matyear will follow with the rehabilitation as our special guest Therapist Shonky checks in for a session this Friday 14th November.

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