Therapy :: Mark Briais

Therapy takes a humble lesson this week as we welcome one of Brisbane’s true master DJs, Mark Briais.

Mark is the epicentre of Brisbane’s DJ elite. Holding down the counter at Rockinghorse Records, shaping and influencing the selections and directions of Brisbane DJs. He is a champion of intelligent new sounds, and spends much of his week crouched over stacks of hundreds of new vinyl slabs.

At the weekend, Mark is called upon for elite international warmups and key event setting for serious heads. Headfunk, Port Office, Viva, Press Club, Family and more recently Sundae, Subtrakt, Bump n Funk have all been taken apart by Briais.

In between all this busy-ness, Mark has been seen loitering about with the Junkbeats crew, with a couple of releases slated and more in the works. Mark is the DJ with the off limits lolly bag of record selections.

A solid techno influenced epic deep house set is in order, and another dark and sexy evening in Barsoma is set to rumble. Therapists Nat Monaghan, Chris, Adam Swain, and Adrian Matyear are holding down the support, and holding on as Mark Briais lifts off Friday 24th October.

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