Therapy :: J Winter Blue

Therapy takes a tough but understated perspective from the corner this week as guest Therapist J Winter Blue drops by to share his findings in the niche field of body shocking, head popping tech and minimal house.

J Winter Blue lives and breathes nightclubs. During the week he designs and assembles sound systems and lighting structures for some of this city’s largest nightclubs. At night he can be found behind the lighting desk at Family, or in the control room in Press Club or Moonbar. Taking a multi-media approach to Therapy, this is J’s second appearance at our party, this time taking a developed process of thought to intensely and vividly induce dancefloor states.

Epic min-tech with a knowledgeable groove is on the menu. Therapists Gemma, Nat Monaghan and Adrian Matyear will be setting the table, the chef, J Winter Blue cooks it up and dishes it out Friday 19 September.