Therapy :: Jimmy Ellis

This week Therapy has called for special assistance dealing with flashbacks. As he featured so heavily in these historic dreams, we went straight to the core of the intrigue, Jimmy Ellis.

A British expat, now a local cool cat, Jimmy has dropped bags of motivated, expressive soulful house all over Sundae, Press Club, Uncle and Lounge at Family and recently, a trip to the east coast of the US. At the week’s peak he can be found carefully undressing the very particular dancers of Alhambra’s prestigious Saturday night.

So this man sounds like he could have the necessary skills and qualifications to practice as a Therapist – and he already has. Jim was present at the very first Therapy, almost two and a half years ago, throwing down a blazing New York inspired throbbing house set over three turntables. Cats in attendance were left speechless as Jim demanded every last ounce of feeling from one of the most individual record bags in this city.

A perfect choice to begin proceedings for our fine gathering, and as spring breaks over Brisbane after a brisk winter, a perfect choice to renew and limber up those nimble limbs.

Resident Therapists Shannon L Marshall, Gemma, and Adrian Matyear will be warming up as Jimmy Ellis illuminates Therapy Friday 5 September.