Therapy :: John Charles

John Charles’ appreciation for house music began, as most do, with a pivotal club inspiration that motivates the listener to action. Now in the position to do the inspiring, JC throws down with the vigour of a master educator – his expert field: house music.

JC sought education, early and often, working in clubs and jumping at a chance to spin. He developed through the motivated Funkapella crew and refined a fresh and jacking tech house sound that bends walls. Eight years later, JC is upfront and insistent, taking on Press Club, Bravo, and Uncle at Family.

With a background in soul, hip hop, and house, JC’s mixes attract energetic dancers to his snappy body rhythms. He strides into Barsoma eager to shakedown Therapy for the first time.

Therapists Nat Monaghan, Shannon L Marshall and Adrian Matyear will be about to keep him in line.