Therapy :: Chantal

We have an interesting proposition for your Therapy this week. An experiment in enabling bodies to move, if you like. Let us explain…

Chantal comes to us with an impressive resume. Past residencies include Alhambra, The Family, and an educational stint at Moulin Rouge in Paris. Though not as a dj, as a dancer. So, what have we got in mind? Well, who better to build a hopping dancefloor than a dancer. It turns out Chantal has been honing music selector skills on the side- developing impeccable taste for the different flavours of funk, disco and house along the way. So after busting out some delicious funky house for Press Club and Sundae, Chantal arrives at Therapy determined to lay it out in a sizable room, with the dancefloor firmly in mind of course..

Resident Therapists Shannon L Marshall, Nat Monaghan, and Adrian Matyear will be on hand to set a bumpy thumping deep scene for Chantal to get amongst.