Press :: Therapy Launch Party on Inthemix


by ladylex for inthemix.

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In this modern world, a visit to the shrink is a rather self indulgent though apparently necessary form of relief for the mind, but why throw down that bill when Therapy @ Jorge guarantees respite and liberation from the pressures of day to day life?

On this rather rainy evening, I was greeted at the door of Jorge by security asking if I was here for a party. I couldn’t help grinning, because of course I was here to lay down the merriment gauntlet. Jorge is such a fabulous club – a wonderful and refreshing city alternative if one must renounce the Valley (for whatever reason that might be). On this evening, Jorge had plenty of inhabitants, (in spite of the rain) though the excellent layout of the club hinted at smaller groups due to the many corners and hidden recesses. The main bar area was belting out fabulous funk based tunes, from winding grooves to house beats. The attractive bar staff were exceptionally polite, rapidly churning out fabulous alcoholic concoctions as they smiled and chatted congenially with clientele. On the 2nd level, comfortable couches artfully arranged held a great deal of promise for therapeutic measures, though I could not hold myself from ascending the rather steep stairs to the top level. In doing so, I walked right into the wall of music that was Andy Wallace.

The word on forums strongly suggests that Andy Wallace has a promising future. I immediately felt the week slide from my shoulders as his beats and music washed over the entire room – the sign of excellent musicianship. The desk the DJs were working from was not exactly laden in complexity of technology. It was a fairly simple layout of technics equipment. However, I am fond of reiterating that it is indeed the craftsman and not his tools that outline the depth of his talent. While extra equipment makes the job easier to deal with, there is a certain pride in oneself to be gained from the simpler measures. As Andy ensured vinyl upon vinyl was added to the mix, the layered textures of his house beats and tender melodies slowly built up, carrying beautifully through the room thanks to the excellent acoustics. His music tended to be whispering and understated, the melodies hypnotically wavering to the point where there were no tangible melodies – more rhythmic shots of colour that ranged between the higher and lower frequencies with melodies switching between alternating voices. There was a quiet intensity to his music – a hushed muted approach highlighted by an ardent treatment. Andy favoured the mid range frequencies, the beats serving as the colour of his arras. It was soothing for the nerves; indeed a perfect restorative. The resolute house beats added a sturdy element to the mild character of Andy Wallace’s music, but there remains a slight hesitancy in his technique; one can only assume that as this young DJ emotionally develops and claims brow furrows from the industry, his character will certainly claim a steadfast approach.

Jimmy Ellis assumed the decks. There was an immediate change in the room – a determined and self-assured air. With his gold ring gleaming on his left pinky and his shaven head luminous under the understated lighting, this DJ knew how to get it juicy. His beats were resolute, an approach that was undeniably masculine. I was able to figure out that this fella knew what to do in the bedroom department, purely because his line of attack was so unwavering. He used house beats as the underpinning of his work, complimenting these beats with a flux of vocal colour, cellular melodies that circled the spectrum and grooved hard. These beats induced your body to move with the call for primeval abandon. Certainly plenty of beautifully shod feet were tapping the wooden floors. Soulful female vocal lines filled the room, penetrating the very walls, as they wandered the range, the melody lines extracting wonderful bouts of colour and shade. This is certainly one DJ I plan to follow about, if at the very least for the pleasurable pastime of discussing the inner nuances of cricket. His beats are hard and his funk inspired melodies are illicit. Prepare for your senses to be inundated.

Therapy @ Jorge, as hosted by Adrian Matyear, was certainly a great night. If one were to judge by the female talent in the room, it was well appreciated and well met indeed. The ladies were absolute stunners as they soaked in the friendly mood and provided quality scenery for the gentlemen in attendance. I saw a few exclusive designs featured on the lithe bodies of these lovely ladies, suggesting a crowd with tastes tuned to the elite. And their choice in venue with the subsequent music was certainly a tribute to this rather exclusive taste. While it may have been a shame that the music was not the main attraction for the evening, the group nevertheless held a strong presence in the room until at least 1am. Without the music, the ambience would not have been as congenial or as pleasant. It was not the sort of place or evening to be there simply for the purposes of ‘being seen’. It was a place that beautiful people could escape to without being inhibited by remarks of superciliousness or pomposity. This was an evening for healing and an instant cure for weekday blues. Therapy @ Jorge ensures profligacy – an experience I am sure to pursue again.