Press :: Metro Area [USA] @ Family on Inthemix

by schteven for inthemix.

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Darshan Jesrani is one half of the acclaimed duo, Metro Area. Alongside Morgan Geist, the two have released several quality productions and remixes for seven years under the Metro Area name, as well under their own identities. Born in NYC, Darshan’s love for both early R&B and Disco/Club music has been the main influence in his sound as you can hear in his productions and record collection.

The three or so weeks leading up to the night I was feeling both excited and anxious as I hadn’t organised whether or not to drive up from the Gold Coast with friends so they could experience the music Darshan Jesrani would play, with me, or do a solo mission and find somewhere to stay so I could have a big night out. As both options fell through, I was left to drive up by myself – though little did that matter once Darshan Jesrani came on.

Having only ever been to the Family once before, I was unsure of a couple of things. First was which line I was to line-up for. A friendly young girl was only too helpful to point me in the right direction. The other was which room the ‘Uncle’ was, but I’ll talk about that more later.

As I entered Family I was reminded why it is regarded as one of (if not) Australia’s premier nightclub. The sound system is only too complimentary of the DJs that play there. I first scoped the place out and then grabbed a quick drink. A DJ, unknown to me, was playing the typical upfront club music that can be heard by the residents on a Saturday night in the basement. After checking out the basement I made my way up towards the ‘Uncle’. Upon walking into there I heard some quirky house, and assumed it was Adrian Matyear; I’d obviously found the right area.

Playing after Adrian was Shannon Marshall. Although his music wasn’t entirely my cup of tea, the dance floor started to fill up once he came on, spinning summer hits such as Bodyrockers’ ‘I like the way you move’, which helped in setting everyone up nicely for when Darshan Jesrani was to come on.

As it got closer and closer to 1:00 AM there was still no sign of Darshan. After it passed 1:00 AM I started thinking that maybe I had been in the wrong room for the whole night, so I decided to walk into the next area. Having never been to this room before I was quite surprised with how restricted the sound was. After asking a member of security which room the ‘Uncle’ was, I quickly made my way back to where I was initially. Upon returning to the ‘Uncle’ I noticed that Darshan Jesrani had started. As I made my way to a comfortable little spot on the dance floor I was only too appreciative of him after I heard Nicky Sianno’s classic ‘Felix – Tigerstripes’ coming in. Darshan was only to kind in dropping an unknown (to me) D-Train song straight after it – What more could a punter ask for? At that point in time all I could think of was, ‘How good is this? – I’m in heaven!’. I’d never heard music so inspiring, it was truly infectious, you couldn’t do anything but dance. Stepping into housier territory and flowing back to disco, I couldn’t fault his track selection – keeping my feet firmly on the dance floor until I had to make a move for the drive back to the Gold Coast.

Seeing Darshan Jesrani play in the flesh at Family Nightclub is something that has changed my life and outlook on dance music and culture. If you ever come across the chance to catch him in your city, I would highly recommend it. All I’m left to do now is buy some turntables and hope in vain that I can throw parties with a similar vibe to which Darshan created for me.